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Monday, November 16

11:45 CET

Microsoft, Docker and our ongoing Journey together
Microsoft has been working with Docker before the 1.0 release. Since day one we've focused on openness and participation with the community and we've come a long way on this journey. We'll look at how we started out together with Docker and take a look at where we are today.
This session will cover what Microsoft is doing with Docker in the world of Developer Tools, Docker support in public and private clouds, management tool support and innovation in Windows Containers. We'd like to thank the Docker community for all we've learned, come hear how we are applying that learning in our future work.

avatar for Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown

Lead Program Manager for Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers, Microsoft
Taylor Brown is a Principal Program Management Lead in the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft.  As part of the base Windows engineering team he and his team focus specifically on container technologies, including Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers.  Taylor started... Read More →
avatar for Ralph Squillace

Ralph Squillace

Senior Content Developer, Microsoft

Monday November 16, 2015 11:45 - 12:30 CET
Level 1, Room 118-119

14:00 CET

How are containers enabling 20th Century Fox to release the next great movie?
Technology is a core piece of the film-making process, enabling creators, directors and actors to tell a compelling story. More than anything, those movies and the entertainment of the future tests the power of modern technologies and the alignment of those tools with the people who use them.

In this Q&A session between HPE and 20th Century Fox, you will hear about how 20th Century Fox has selected to use Docker containers through HPE’s Helion Development Platform to deliver movies to deliver high-tech movie productions. Speakers will share an enterprise-level view of the journey, Docker technology in the enterprise, and how the partnership with HPE is helping them deliver faster, more efficient solutions to their business, and more engaging movies to people like us.

avatar for Devon Bleak

Devon Bleak

Associate Director, Cloud, Fox Group Information Technology
avatar for Manav Mishra

Manav Mishra

Senior Director of Product Management, HPE

Monday November 16, 2015 14:00 - 14:45 CET
Level 1, Room 118-119

14:55 CET

Lightning Talks: Univa, ClusterHQ, Rancher
1. Docker for any type of workload and any IT fnfrastructure, Presented by Fritz Ferstl, CTO Univa
This presentation discusses the different types of workloads typical enterprises are required to run, which use cases exist for containerizing them and how leading-edge workload orchestration can be used to deploy, run and manage the containerized workloads or various types or scale-out infrastructures, such as on-premise clusters, public clouds or hybrid clouds. 

Why should i care about stateful containers? Presented by Luke Mardsen, CTO and Founder, ClusterHQ
Microservices are smashing monolithic databases into lots of pieces. CI and CD is making testing those consistently more and more challenging. This talk will explore the problem space and dive into detailed examples, exploring the pros and cons of both ephemeral data stores and storage orchestration." 

3. Deploy and upgrade Docker applications with a single click, Presented by Darren Shepherd, Co-Founder, Rancher

Docker has made running complex applications locally a snap, but running applications in production can still be quite challenging. This session will demonstrate how to use Rancher and Docker Compose to deploy and upgrade applications predictably into production environments.  Rancher Co-Founder Darren Shepherd will demonstrate how to deploy an application from a Docker compose application catalog into production, and then how to orchestrate an upgrade of that application.   



avatar for Fritz Ferstl

Fritz Ferstl

CTO, Univa
Fritz Ferstl has 25 years of grid/cloud computing experience and 10 years with containerization/virtualization. As Univa's CTO he helps customers to utilize Univa's rich workload orchestration product portfolio together with IT infrastructure trends. Before joining Univa, Fritz has... Read More →
avatar for Luke Mardsen

Luke Mardsen

Founder & CTO, ClusterHQ
CTO and Founder of ClusterHQ

Darren Sheperd

Co-Founder and Chief Architect Rancher, Rancher
Darren is a co-founder and Chief Architect of Rancher Labs. Prior to Rancher, Darren was Sr. Principal Engineer at Citrix where he worked on CloudStack, OpenStack, Docker and building the next generation of infrastructure orchestration technology. Prior to joining Citrix, Darren worked... Read More →

Monday November 16, 2015 14:55 - 15:40 CET
Level 1, Room 118-119

16:25 CET

Lightning Talks: CloudBees, Ruxit, Cloudsoft
1. Build, Publish, Deploy and Test docker images and containers with Jenkins Workflow ­ CI for Docker! Presented by Nigel Harniman, Senior Solutions Architect at CloudBees
This lightning talk will show you how simple it is to apply CI to the creation of Docker images, ensuring that each time the source is changed, a new image is created, tagged, and published. I will then show how easy it is to then deploy containers from this image and run tests to verify the behaviour.

2. Monitoring and managing dynamic Docker environments, Presented by Alois Reitbauer, Chief Evangelist, Ruxit
This talk provides detailed insights into how to manage large-scale production Docker environments. We will cover how to tune your containerised micro services for ideal performance, validate automated deployments with Marathon and Mesos and tune and manage the deployment complexity of hundreds of nodes. Last but not least we will demonstrate how easy it is to get up and running monitoring Docker using Ruxit.

3. See Multi-Container Apps spanning Docker, Mesos & OpenStack! Presented by Andrew Kennedy, Senior Software Engineer at Cloudsoft 
Roll up! Roll up! Before your very eyes Andrew will use Apache Brooklyn powered Clocker to deploy and manage multi-container applications transparently spanning - Docker, Mesos and OpenStack.

avatar for Nigel Harniman

Nigel Harniman

Sr. Solution Architect, CloudBees
Nigel Harniman is a Senior Solution Architect at CloudBees. He believes that adoptingContinuous Delivery is the best way for application delivery to be successful and that to achievethis the pipeline must be automated. Prior to CloudBees he has held a number of development and architecture... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Kennedy

Andrew Kennedy

Distributed Systems Hacker, Cloudsoft
Andrew is a Senior Software Engineer at Cloudsoft and the founder of the Clocker project. He is a contributor to several Open Source projects including jclouds and Qpid and is on the Apache Brooklyn PMC. Areas of interest include Distributed Systems, Virtualisation, Messaging, Information... Read More →
avatar for Alois Reitbauer

Alois Reitbauer

Chief Evangelist, Ruxit
Alois is Chief Evangelist at Ruxit. He has spent most of his career building monitoring tools and fine tuning application performance. A regular conference speaker, blogger, author, and sushi maniac, Alois currently shares his professional time between Linz, Boston, and San Franc... Read More →

Monday November 16, 2015 16:25 - 17:10 CET
Level 1, Room 118-119

17:20 CET

Lightning Talks: Google, Raspberry Pi Challenge Winner, Resin.io
1. Containerize your developer experience, Presented by Francesc Campoy

This talk covers a range of situations where containers can improve the developer experience by providing a repeatable and consistent environment. This includes from how to help your users become your contributors, to how to install tools in your machine without really installing anything, or how containers can be the killer tool for the polyglot programmer. 

The goal is to give an overview of the techniques that power these use cases and to inspire the audience to improve their communities by leveraging the power of Docker. 

2. Breaking the RPiDocker Challenge by Nicolas de Loof, Yoann Dubreuil, Damien Duportal

Docker claim to be a lightweight virtualization solution, and indeed it so light you can play on tiny hardware like Raspberry Pi and run Hundred containers. Hypriot demonstrated running 500 of them, but can we do more ? The RPiDocker challenge was proposed to get the community study some more hacks to get more and more containers running on the Pi. During this session we will explain how we went into this effort, and eventually where able to run 2740 web servers ... on a RapsberryPi. 

3. Docker on IoT devices by Shaun Mulligan

The Resin.io team has brought Docker to IoT in a big way. Shaun will walk through the ways in which his team has enabled resin.io's container-powered edge device management platform to work with all sorts of linux-based devices. These include the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Intel Edison, NUC, Hummingboard and countless custom boards. This talk will include an overview of the toolchain (Docker, Yocto, meta-resin), the approach, the customer use cases, and how you can get involved. 

avatar for Francesc Campoy

Francesc Campoy

Developer Advocate, Google
Francesc Campoy Flores is a Developer Advocate for Go and the Cloud at Google. He joined the Go team in 2012 and since then he has written some considerable didactic resources and traveled the world attending conferences, organizing live courses, and meeting fellow gophers.He joined... Read More →
avatar for Yoann Dubreuil

Yoann Dubreuil

Support Engineer, Cloudbees
Yoann Dubreuil is Support Engineer at CloudBees helping customers to get the best of Jenkins, the continuous delivery leader. He is passionate about Java and Linux ecosystems and strongly believes in open-source.
avatar for Damien Duportal

Damien Duportal

DevOps Engineer, Atos Worldline
Damien is a Devops Engineer @ Worldline, a company from the Atos group. He used to work with some big GIS paltform (French IGN Geoportal) with 1000th users and OSS inside. He is curious about dev, ops and naturally came to Devops job. Vagrant, packer, docker are some tools he love... Read More →
avatar for Nicolas De Loof

Nicolas De Loof

Java Architect, Cloudbees
Nicolas De Loof has been a Java Architect for 15 years in French IT Services companies. He's now hacking at CloudBees having fun with hype technologies like Docker and micro-services architectures
avatar for Shaun Mulligan

Shaun Mulligan

Developer Advocate, Resin.io
Shaun is an IoT jack of all trades. He started out building robots and mechatronic contraptions at the University of Cape Town,then went on to do a masters in Electrical engineers. After getting bored with plain hardware, he moved to Belgium and dabbled in some MachineLearning and... Read More →

Monday November 16, 2015 17:20 - 18:05 CET
Level 1, Room 118-119
Tuesday, November 17

11:15 CET

Production-Ready Containers from IBM and Docker

IBM and Docker continue to build on their partnership to deliver production-ready containers.  
Attend this session to learn how IBM’s commitment to open source and enterprise expertise 
combined with Docker container technology has resulted in solutions which provide the 
management and security needed for production environments. In this session, we will provide an update on the IBM and Docker partnership as well as discuss and demonstrate:  

  • Docker Trusted Registry resold by IBM which includes IBM’s world-class support and 
  • Integration with our DevOps solution, UrbanCode
  • IBM Containers on Bluemix which leverage the open source Docker engine, therefore 
  • supporting your existing Docker images and Dockerfiles
  • How you can leverage the familiar Docker CLI against the IBM Bluemix cloud for standard 
  • commands and the Cloud Foundry CLI plug-in for the IBM added capabilities
  • Ways to integrate deployed containers with any existing app or service from the Bluemix 
  • catalog (120+ across DevOps, Analytics, Big Data, IoT, Watson, and Databases)
  • Use of the scalable container group deployment with integrated load balancer and optional 
  • auto-recovery and GoRoute domain name
  • Integrated monitoring and logging at the container or container group level
  • Security compliance insight to any Docker image in the registry regardless of source (IBM 
  • image, public Docker Hub, or automated creation via DevOps Pipeline) using the Vulnerability 
  • Advisor
  • How IBM product teams, such as MobileFirst Platform and StrongLoop, are offering Docker 
  • images in the IBM registry as a means to improve adoption efficiency

avatar for Jason McGee

Jason McGee

IBM Fellow, VP & CTO Cloud, IBM
Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, is VP and CTO of Cloud Foundation Services. Jason leads the technical strategy and architecture across all of IBM Cloud, with specific focus on core foundational cloud services, including containers, micro-services, continuous delivery and operational visibility... Read More →
avatar for Chris Rosen

Chris Rosen

Senior Technical Offering Manager, IBM
Chris Rosen is a Technical Product Manager for IBM Containers within the IBM Cloud Business Unit. With over fifteen years’ experience, he has held a variety of roles within the organization. Currently, Chris is responsible for interfacing with development and design teams for... Read More →

Tuesday November 17, 2015 11:15 - 12:00 CET
Level 1, Room 118-119

14:25 CET

Lightnings talks: Global Hack Day #3 - Top 3 Winning Hacks
1. ScaleSwarm by Ankush Agarwal and Harshit Mittal from Docker Mountain View

Swarm and Machine are individually very powerful projects, but when combined, they can work wonders. The project attempts to create a self-scaling cluster using Swarm and Machine. Here, to setup an AWS Docker Auto Scaling cluster, all you need is swarm, machine and Amazon API Keys.

2. Container Migration Tool by Marcos LilljedahlJonathan Leibiusky and Gabriel Eisbruch from Docker Buenos Aires

The purpose of the project is to create an external command line tool that can be either used with docker or runC which helps on the task to live migrate containers between different hosts by performing pre-migration validations and allowing to auto-discover suitable target hosts.

On-demand YARN Clusters by Swapnil DaingadeSarjeet Singh and Mitra Kaseebhotla from Docker San Jose

On demand YARN clusters that have network, compute and storage isolation from each other. Allow administrators managing a cluster of x86 servers to create YARN (hadoop2) clusters on demand. Each tenant YARN cluster should have complete network, compute and storage isolation from others.



Swapnil Daingade

Staff Software Engineer, MapR Technologies, Committer Apache Myriad
avatar for Mitra Kaseebhotla

Mitra Kaseebhotla

Lead System Administrator, MapR Technologies
avatar for Jonathan Leibiusky

Jonathan Leibiusky

Software Engineer, Mantika.ca
avatar for Marcos Nils Lilljedahl

Marcos Nils Lilljedahl

Software Engineer, Mantika.ca
avatar for Harshit Mittal

Harshit Mittal

Full stack Engineer, Uber
avatar for Sarjeet Singh

Sarjeet Singh

Software Engineer, MapR Technologies

Tuesday November 17, 2015 14:25 - 15:10 CET
Level 1, Room 118-119

15:55 CET

Lightning talks: ING, Accenture, Apcera
1. Full Stack Testing using Docker Compose and Gradle by Ernst Naezer & Quinten Krijger  

At ING we build financial scenario planning software. Using Docker and Docker Compose we develop, test and host our application consisting of multiple containers.

This talk focuses on how we test our software stack. We use Docker Compose to inject components that stub services or simulate infrastructure failures. We developed and open sourced a Gradle plugin to take care of the heavy lifting, allowing us to test the images using either unit tests defined in code or by a dedicated test image.

The shown techniques fully support the agile process, by giving instant feedback on the features under simultaneous development against the entire application stack. We are now confident when merging a feature to master.

2. Continuous Delivery Live Demo by Martin Crocker, Managing Director - Technology Architecture, DevOps at Accenture 
Martin will show how Accenture uses Docker to build a continuous-delivery enabled development. Working against the clock, in 15 minutes: Martin will deploy a web application and development tools onto AWS.  He will them make an enhancement to the deployed application completing a suite of QA gates: unit-test, functional-test, OWASP security scan, performance test and finally verify the change using A-B testing.  If you aren’t familiar with DevOps / Continuous Delivery this practical example should help bring it to life.

3. Authentication and Policy Enforcement for Docker by Josh Ellithorpe, Apcera's Lead Software Architect 

Docker has become an important tool for both startups and the enterprise; providing an easy way to package up and deploy applications and services. As organizations prepare to move to production, they are looking for ways to extend Docker and employ additional security and policy controls for their deployments. This talk will cover:
* Adding first class authentication using OAuth2, LDAP, Crowd and Kerberos
* Extending Docker deployments with policy and governance
* Securing network perimeter of Docker workloads while providing multiple multi-host networking options.
The Apcera Platform has always strived to be the best environment for deploying Docker workloads in production. This talk will cover our thinking around secure deployments and how we have extended Docker for our customers.

avatar for Josh Ellithorpe

Josh Ellithorpe

Software Architect, Apcera
avatar for Quinten Krijger

Quinten Krijger

Development Engineer, ING
Quinten Krijger started his career in IT at Finalist, after a studies in Physics and a year of classical singing.Later, he moved to Trifork Amsterdam, mainly continuing back-end work on projects using Open Source technologysuch as Java, Spring, ElasticSearch and MongoDB, with a healthy... Read More →

Tuesday November 17, 2015 15:55 - 16:40 CET
Level 1, Room 118-119